Glen R. Finney, MD was born in Broward County, Florida.  He graduated Florida State University with honors in Biological Sciences.  At medical school in Temple University he was active in AMSA, rising to Vice-Chair of their House of Delegates.

Kenneth M. Heilman received his M.D. from the University of Virginia in 1963, was a Medicine PGY 1&2 at Cornell-Bellevue Hospital (1963-65), and an Air Force Captain and Chief of Medicine at NATO Hospital, Izmir, Turkey (1965-1967).

Dr. Michael Finkel joined the FSN in 1999, when membership and meeting attendance was very low. His Action Plan for the AAN PALF program was to re-energize the FSN. It became an organization with geographic representation of private and academic practices in governance, along with Board members who are neurologists in training.

Rosanna Garner has been in private practice in Florida in the field of Neurology since 1993. She is currently a member of the Florida Society of Neurology Board of Directors. She has acted as a speaker at the annual meeting in the past.

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